Saturday, 29 October 2011

Silent Sunday

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Thursday, 20 October 2011

Transforming in the morning

It's amazing what a face wash, teeth clean, nice outfit, hair brush and 15 minutes can do for a girl of a certain age.

From this 
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To this
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Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Rachel's moon gazing

The moon has been amazing the last few days, clear and large in the sky both morning and night.  Rachel and I were mesmerised by the sight of it and decided to try and capture it's beauty in photographs.

We started off yesterday morning with this shot on the iPhone4

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Then last night, coming back from swimming, the moon looked as if you could reach out and touch it.  We were both disappointed that we couldn't get the scale and majesty of it in the photo, but this shot using iPhone4, through the bushes is magical 

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And this shot we were both impressed with, it was taken using my slimline digital camera with zoom 

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It made us wonder just how good a photo could be taken and so Rachel looked online and found this shot, her aspirational moon gazing photo

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This morning Rachel wanted to take yet more moon photos and she did pretty well I think

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Friday, 14 October 2011

Toothie and the swallowed tooth

Rachel lost her 8th tooth this week, but without even realising it was wobbly, let alone about to fall out.

One minute she was happily finishing tea, the next she had washed her face and noticed a whole where there was once a tooth.

We searched around a bit before it occurred to me that she'd most likely swallowed the tooth.  I have to admit to being slightly nervous about telling her my theory, but she wasn't at all bothered.

That is until she started thinking about how the whole tooth fairy thing would work.  She soon formed a plan; leave a note....

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And you'll never guess what; it worked. Toothie read the note and left a donation to the Rachel fund for new soft toys.  All was well with the world.

Operation Christmas child

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The charity Samaritan's Purse run Operation Christmas Child.  This is a scheme that we've participated in for at least ten years, possibly longer.

The idea is best explained by the organisation itself
Fill a child's life with joy this Christmas.  Wrap, pack and send your own gift filled shoebox to a child in need with Operation Christmas Child.  I prefer to think of it as sending a parcel of love across the world.

So how does it work?
1. Find a shoe box
2. Decide if you want to send to a girl or boy and what age range
3. Select things to go inside the box
4. Do not include food, medicine, anything toxic or sharp, nothing war related or political.  Don't worry, there is lots of help on their website
5. Donate £2.50 for postage, if you do this online then you even find out where your box ends up
5. Drop your shoe box at a collection point between 1st and 18th November.

Our boxes 2011

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We are doing two this year; one for a boy aged 2-4 years and one for a girl aged 5-9 years.

Girl aged 5-9 box will include:
- toothbrush and toothpaste
- brush
- flannel and soap 
- hair clips
- bangles and necklace
- skipping rope
- inflatable beach ball
- note book, pencil, sharpener, eraser
- gloves
- scarf
- cap
- sweet lolly

Boy aged 2-4 box will include:
- toothbrush and toothpaste
- brush
- flannel and soap 
- two dinky cars
- crayons and colouring book
- inflatable beach ball
- gloves
- scarf
- cap
- sweet lolly

I have always enjoyed producing the shoe box for a child, but it is even more fantastic now I have Rachel; she learns about children who have less than herself and makes her own box for a girl her age across the world.

For more information and to prepare your own box if love and joy please visit the scheme website at

Sunday, 2 October 2011

I am 1 in 4

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This image is so powerful, such a brilliant representation of the reality of Babyloss. This month is Babyloss Awareness Month, to remember the babies who never grew up, to help the parents with empty arms and to raise awareness of the facts.

Please do what you can:

Silent sunday

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