Saturday, 9 February 2013

A tiny twisted tale review

I was sent three of the tiny twisted tale books to review.  They are Jenny, pale Henry and Stuart the big eating man.  This review is about Jenny.

Jenny isn't a girlie girl, she likes to hunt werewolves!  The story is about one of her adventures with her trusty bat to hit the werewolves with.

I really like the book because it rhymes which is like a song you sing through the book.  The pictures are brilliant and really funny, especially of the werewolf.

I wouldn't normally read books about werewolves but I'm really pleased I tried this because it's brilliant.

The book is easy to read and that's great because you can read it again and again.  It's really good to read out loud as well.

I definitely recommend it and can't wait till the new ones come out.

because I wish it was longer
If it was then I'd give it full marks.

By Rachel (age 7)

Emma (mum) says:
The tiny twisted tale books are written and illustrated by Calvin Innes and published by my little big town.  They are "a collection of spooky, scary, strange, disgustingly wonderful and wonderfully macabre stories" designed to engage children with books which they enjoy.  I would never have picked a book like this off the shelf at the library of local book shop, I wouldn't have thought it would appeal to Rachel.  But now she's read it about 10 times in two days I've realised that I'm not the expert in her choice of books.  A good lesson for all us parents.

Title: Jenny
Series: Tiny Twisted Tales
Author: Calvin Innes
Illustrator: Calvin Innes
ISBN10/ISBN13: 1907746055 / 9781907746178
Reading Age: 7+
Pages: 88
First Published: January 2012