Friday, 4 February 2011

Perfect film to accompany cake

We've been enjoying TheCakeNest cakes and been thinking what films would be perfect to watch whilst eating.

There has been lively debate but finally we have consensus. So...Here are the top ten family films to watch with cake:

1. Mary Poppins - every nanny provides cake

2. Alvin and the chipmunks - throw cake around

3. Up - grandparents love cake

4. Despicable me - didn't the kids sell cake (cookies count yes?)

5.  Cats and Dogs - dogs eat anything including cake 

6. Tooth fairy - stop eating that cake or your teeth will fall out!

7. Alice in wonderland - mad hatter's tea party

8. Princess and the frog - there were those little sugary cake things being baked and that makes you want to eat cake

9. Ice age 3 - dinosaurs can't resist cake

10. Finding Nemo - good fish food?

Now all we need is more cake and a few days off and we will be able to scientifically determine if we are correct.

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