Wednesday, 2 February 2011

What I'd spend £1000 on.....

I follow @NickiCawood on twitter and read her blog curly and candid.  She wrote a post ( asking what you would spend £1000 on if it couldn't go in the kids or bills or be given away or invested.  

I commented with the following:
"west end musical with girlie friends, weekend at a luxury hotel with Mike, photography family session by professional and new bedroom wardrobes for our bedroom"
Nicki remarked how very lovely and luxurious all this sounded.  And that got me to thinking.

My life is very much about giving out my energy and emotions; to Mike, to Rachel, to church, to charities, to other things I can't find the names for right now.  I adore this, love it, feel energised by it; but I also get exhausted and need treats for me.  Pure, unadulterated, me focussed pampering.

The other things I've realised is that I treasure memories above almost all else (and the photos that trigger my memories).  I love to think back to great times and events, to reminisce alone or with others, to smile at the times gone by.  And therefore I also love to look ahead to memory giving events, it's the anticipation of the memory that will be created.

So yes, if I was gifted money I would spend it on time with family and friends that was memorable.

Oh, and in reality I'd like to bring Rachel to the west end musical as well so we could enjoy together, and probably review it.  And I'd replace wardrobe purchases with a treat family day designed by her, but that was against the rules. 

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Anonymous said...

Memories are very special, and I completely understand why you feel how you do, I'm very much the same and love to surround myself with pictures and music that remind me of good times.

As for taking Rachel with you, well if I had a real £1k giveaway and you were a winner.... I'm sure I'd let you bend the rules on that one :p

Lovely post.