Monday, 7 February 2011

Tangled - our review

Yesterday we went to the cinema to see Disney's 50th animated film, Tangled, and what s treat it was.

Rachel's review:
Tangled is a good film.  Rapunzel has got very very very very long hair and she lives in a tall tower.  She has a pet chameleon.  She wants to leave the tower but her mother said that she couldn't leave it.

A man came along and climbed up the tall tall tower. Rapunzel hit him with a frying pan and he fell over.  When he woke up she did it again and then she put him in a chair and tangled him up with her long long long long hair.  She made him agree to take her to see the lanterns and then he could have the crown back.

So the man did it and Rapunzel came down from the tower at last.   It wasn't time yet for the lanterns so she played in the grass.  Then they went to a place that looked sweet but it was scary.  Baddies came to try and kill them but they escaped by doing crazy things.

They got to see the lanterns and they fell in love and she found out she was the princess and they all lives happily ever after.

There was a sad bit and it gets emotional but as long as mummy is there it is ok.

Thanks for listening to my review
Age: 4 and up to mummy age.

Emma's review:
What an amazing film; funny, sad, poignant, beautiful, unmissable.  A definite 10/10.

Things to watch out for: 
1. The horse 'maximus' - excellent.
2. The chameleon's expressions
3. The lantern scene - wow! 

Things that I couldn't quite accept:
1. The size of Rapunzel's feet - massive
2. Her doll like complexion - weird especially when wet
3. Eugene's tiny girly hands - too dainty

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Karen Carr said...

Great review! My kids are looking forward to Gnomeo and Juliet.