Saturday, 26 February 2011

Kntting Rocks

Oh yes, it's now official, knitting rocks. I haven't found anything quite so relaxing and yet so easy on my poor tired eyes in a very long time. And of course my infamous addictive personality means that I've ceased on those knitting needles with avengeance.

I learned how to knit a mere one month ago, and have so far knitted:
- 2 children's bag
- an iphone case
- 8 snoods
- 4 broaches
- 2 wrist cuffs
- 1 cat
- 1 owl
- 1 mouse


As I realised I am burying us alive in knitted objects, and my friends have started to look at me suspiciously if I come bearing knitting; I have decided I might just be able to sell some of these creations. Of course Mike thinks this is hysterical, who would want to buy anything hand knitted by Emma; but hey, it's worth a try.

So I now have an Etsy page here

And a Folksy page here

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