Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Moshi Monster Halloween

I love drawing moshi monsters and today I drew ask my favourites and some Halloween characters as well. It's a moshi monster Halloween. Spooky

Playing and learning about ripples

Look at how this wax has got ripples in it, isn't it amazing.  Mum says this is how water ripples as well but because water is so fast it's hard to see.  The wax was dripping from the candles and each time it landed it made a wave of ripples in the wet wax.  It's so cool.

Playing and learning about autumn

I love playing in the leaves at autumn, they're all crunchy and mushy and great to kick and throw. 

Did you know that the leaves change colour from green to yellow to orange to red?  Look at this plant with all the colour on one branch.

Playing and learning about bubble writing

I love bubble writing.
Everything looks great with bubble writing.
I've written all the letters and numbers in bubbles.

Sunday, 21 October 2012

Playing and learning about bridges

Here is something else we made out of geomag; a bridge. 

I didn't think it was a bridge, I was just building the longest and strongest thing I could.  when I'd finished building it mum told me that this is shape that they build bridges out of with girders.

Have you ever made a strong bridge?

Saturday, 20 October 2012

Playing and Learning about magnets

I love my Geomag; it's fun and you can make so many things out of it.  I was using the balls to pick up other balls today using their magnetism; it's amazing how many the magnets can hold.

I also went all over the house finding lots of things that are magnetic like the radiators and the fridge of course and mums desk. 

Do you like playing with magnets?

Playing and Learning about space

This is the first post called playing and learning.  Mum is always taking photos of me playing and learning and I to blog about them.  I how you like them.

This one is about space.
I went on my first ever Beaver camp last week end and we learned lots of things about space and went on a star gazing walk.  We made a model of a rocket, a planet and a space themed bookmark.  We also made an amazing universe model out of a shoe box.

It was amazing and I really enjoyed it.
What craft have you done about space?

Saturday, 6 October 2012


April's mum has asked everyone to show pink ribbons to help find April.  Duckey is wearing one and so am I.

please wear a pink ribbons

Monday, 1 October 2012


This is kidrex. It's a special search engine for us (kids) to use instead of Google. It's really good. Try looking up STOP SIGN :)