Saturday, 31 March 2012

The monkeys have got grandad @johncraneblog

Oh no, the monkeys have caught grandad.

They've got him up their tower

They've got him on a ledge

They won't let him go

Please call granny and tell her Grandad needs her.


Cats and Dogs 2 the revenge of kitty galore.

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The film is about a cat that tried to destroy dogs and humans; so a group of cats and dogs come together to try and save everyone.

It is even better than the first film and I think you should watch it.

My best bit was a message from a squirrel robot that did a dance, that was very funny.

I liked it at the end when one dog said to Digs "you're not going anywhere without a new collar" and that was about a special gadget collar.

I also liked the bit when Kitty Galore (the bad cat) flew across the sky and into the candy floss and into the magician's hat.

Mum liked the kittens who tickled the Alsatian dog, she adores kittens.

I give it 9/10 and it's good for all ages.

Make sure you watch to the end because it's funny as well.

Saturday, 24 March 2012

black beauty

This is the first film I've received from Warner Bros now I'm a tots100 film club reviewer. We watched it this afternoon after my day out with Beavers, I watched it with mummy.

The film Black Beauty is about a horse who has to learn to trust people. He is born at the start of the film and he has an owner who is really nice. But then he goes to another owner and he worries but that one is even nicer and calls him Black Beauty. There he makes horse friends like Ginger and Merry legs who is a pony. After lots of happy times that family have to go away and Black Beauty gets sold to people who weren't nice. After that he goes from owners to other owners and some are nice but some aren't.

The film is both happy and sad but its all OK in the end. I really liked the happiness at the end of the film. Daddy didn't like the way Black Beauty talked but I did and Mummy did so perhaps that means boys won't like it very much.

I give it 9 out of 10 but it is quite a slow film and so I think you need to be a bit older to enjoy it, not under 5 I think.

tots100 parent bloggers film club

Friday, 23 March 2012

How to make a rainbow copy picture

1. Fold a piece of paper in half like a card

2. Colour the inside page you normally write on with lots of colour and quite firmly with oil pastels

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3. Close up the card and draw anything you like quite firmly again on the front cover using pencil.  Don't write anything because it will end up back to front.  You can't rub anything out so be careful.

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4. Open up the card and look on the left side on the inside and .....  Tadaaa..... There's your picture all multi coloured.

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We did this in art and craft lesson and I love it.  If you do some picture like this please show me them.

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Rainbow Toy Awards

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I am an official tester for the Rainbow Toy Awards 2012. I can't wait to receive toys to play with and test and write about, I wonder what there will be?

What are your favourite toys?

Monday, 19 March 2012

Moon Sand Pet Shop

Today after school we got home and mum thought she'd won a competition because there was a parcel that had her name and it said competition winner.  But she hadn't and it was for me!

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When I looked what it was it was moon sand and I was really excited.  

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It was the moon sand pet shop and I had a go straight away.  I made a turtle, a cat, a duck, a flower and the girl and they were all brilliant.

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It was easy to play with but you have to be careful to get it looking amazing.  I had it looking amazing.

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I have had moon sand before but this set is the best ever and it has so many things to make.  I love it because I want to work with animals so that made it extra cool.

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When I wanted tea I just put the animals in the set and closed it up and it was all neat and tidy and brilliant.  If I keep it all on the table then they will be good tomorrow still.

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I played outside because it was sunny but moon sand is good inside because it doesn't make a mess and you can clean it up.  I like that and so does mum.

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I think 3 year olds would love it but might find getting the animals perfect hard but they probably won't mind.  I am 6 and I love it and I can't wait to play with it with my friends.

Mum says: 
I was genuinely excited that I'd got something in the post but I got over my disappointment when I saw Rachel's face.

From opening the box she made the duck within 2 minutes, you e got to love a toy that gives such instant ability to play.  It kept her attention for over an hour before she packed up - and that was only because she was "starving".

I'm really impressed with the packaging, it's a vast improvement on what we had a couple of years ago.  It's easy to play with and easy to close up and all the mess is inside.

Well done Moon Sand, it's a great product.

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Moon Sand - the sand you can mould that never dries out!
NEW Moon Sand Pet Shop
£14.99 SRP
Moon Sand gives you the most adorable Pet Shop imaginable! 

Easily mould a variety of cute animals in a matter of seconds. Enjoy the company of cats, turtles, dogs and bunnies - the Moon Sand Pet Shop lets you create them all! 

And with the easy-to-use sandbox container, you’ll always have a quick and simple clean up. 

Moon Sand never dries out, letting you repeatedly mould and play with your favourite animals. Mould your way into the perfect Pet Shop with Moon Sand! 

The set includes Pet Shop, 13 moulds, 2-in1 tool & 2 colours of Moon Sand. This product is for ages 3 years and over and is available from: Argos, Tesco, The Entertainer, Smyths, ELC & Sainsbury’s

Friday, 16 March 2012

I love cats

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I like cats because they make me feel relaxed with I stroke them.  I love Sid and I always feel loved when I stroke him and he purrs.  Sid purrs as loud as a pig snorting.

Sid lived with mum and dad before I was born and he's very old in cat years.  I think he's the oldest in the family but he's only 13 really.

I am supporting Cat's Protection League as one of their bloggers.  I hope they'll let me go and see the work they do and cuddle some cat.  They have created a Cats Protection Blogger Network badge which we are pleased to have here.

Do you like cats?
Have you adopted a cat?

Friday, 9 March 2012

Is Granny in the garden? @johncraneblog

Grandad and I have been looking for Granny in the garden.

We searched the flowerpots

and in the bushes

and up the trellis

But we didn't find her.
But don't worry, we will keep looking for Granny.
Remember to tell us if you see her anywhere so Grandad can be happy again.

What's that Grandad @JohnCraneBlog

Grandad says that he's lost Granny and he wants to find her.   He has asked for my help to find Granny and I'm going to take him everywhere to help him find her.  If you see her then please tell me where and I'll bring Grandad to try and meet up again.

Look who's arrived from @Johncraneblog


We love him and can't wait to show him around everywhere.
thank you John Crane

Toy Story Shaker Maker Review

My Uncle Dhruba gave me the Toy Story Classic Shaker Maker and last weekend Dad and I made the first of the two statues, the little green alien.

First we added water to the mix in the measuring cup.  Then we swirled it around and that was tricky because I didn't want to spill it.  Then you put the top on with the mould in and shake and shake and shake.  Dad was a scardy cat and made me do this in the garden but I didn't spill any.

I didn't know we had to wait 90minutes but I had to and then I got to paint it which was the best bit.

I spent an hour painting the alien and I am really pleased with how it looked at the end.

And it is even better now it is dry.

This is the first plaster of paris kit which has worked, it is easy and not messy and loads of fun to do.  It is much better than the one we had which spins the plaster and didn't work.  I hope I get some more of these.

Thursday, 8 March 2012

I love art

Today we painted sheels in art and I really enjoyed doing this clam shell with chalks and pastels.

And my teacher liked it too and I got artist of the afternoon

Do you like art?

Sunday, 4 March 2012

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

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Today we couldn't see our friends because they're ill so we watched the next Harry Potter film. The prisoner of Azhaban.

There were lots of cool animals in the film and lots of spells. I love buckbeak the hippogriff; he's amazing and it would be great to fly on him.

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I also like the ridiculous spell which turned a big snake into a clown.

There are some really jumpy bits and the wolf is quite scary but the rest is great and Harry is the best.

9/10 but not for little kids

Saturday, 3 March 2012

Experiments with colouring in

I was using my panda stencil today and decided to try an experiment. You have to have the normal way - colouring in with a pen
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Then I tried other ways of colouring in.
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They are all nice I think and different. Do you like one best?

World Book Day

This is how I went to school on Friday.

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We were allowed to dress up as a character from a book. I was Thea the Thursday Fairy from the Rainbow Fairies
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There were lots of Harry Potters at School and some princesses but only a few fairies. My friend came as an old fashioned school girl from Mallory Towers and she looked great.