Saturday, 24 March 2012

black beauty

This is the first film I've received from Warner Bros now I'm a tots100 film club reviewer. We watched it this afternoon after my day out with Beavers, I watched it with mummy.

The film Black Beauty is about a horse who has to learn to trust people. He is born at the start of the film and he has an owner who is really nice. But then he goes to another owner and he worries but that one is even nicer and calls him Black Beauty. There he makes horse friends like Ginger and Merry legs who is a pony. After lots of happy times that family have to go away and Black Beauty gets sold to people who weren't nice. After that he goes from owners to other owners and some are nice but some aren't.

The film is both happy and sad but its all OK in the end. I really liked the happiness at the end of the film. Daddy didn't like the way Black Beauty talked but I did and Mummy did so perhaps that means boys won't like it very much.

I give it 9 out of 10 but it is quite a slow film and so I think you need to be a bit older to enjoy it, not under 5 I think.

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