Saturday, 31 March 2012

Cats and Dogs 2 the revenge of kitty galore.

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The film is about a cat that tried to destroy dogs and humans; so a group of cats and dogs come together to try and save everyone.

It is even better than the first film and I think you should watch it.

My best bit was a message from a squirrel robot that did a dance, that was very funny.

I liked it at the end when one dog said to Digs "you're not going anywhere without a new collar" and that was about a special gadget collar.

I also liked the bit when Kitty Galore (the bad cat) flew across the sky and into the candy floss and into the magician's hat.

Mum liked the kittens who tickled the Alsatian dog, she adores kittens.

I give it 9/10 and it's good for all ages.

Make sure you watch to the end because it's funny as well.

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