Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Wibbly wobbly aliens

I have made a wibbly wobbly alien, it's really easy and you can do it too.

First draw the alien's head and body. Mine doesn't have a body, it's just a big head.

Then get four long rectangles of paper. Take two of then and consatina them together. Do it again for the other two. These are the legs to Sellotape on the body.

I suppose you could do more legs and some arms as well but my alien wasn't designed like that.

They are so much fun. Enjoy.

Friday, 25 May 2012

Toot toot toot with Tidlo by @JohnCraneBlog

Toot toot - we love our Tidlo recorder from John Crane. Rachel's been playing it all round the house. She's even been "seranading" the neighbours.

Thursday, 24 May 2012

Looney Tunes (Warner Bros) Big Faces Box Set tots100 film club review

This is the third film I've received from Warner Bros as a tots100 film club reviewer. We received it last week and so far we've watched some Tom and Jerry and some Tweety Pie cartoons.

I love the massive box, it shows all the cartoon characters. Mum and Dad got really excited because they said they used to watch these cartoons all the time as kids. They do very funny impressions of some of the characters.

There are 10 DVDs in the set with at least 10 cartoons on each. That's like 10 hours of cartoons :)

There is one DVD for each of:
Tom and Jerry,
Bugs Bunny,
Speedy Gonzales,
Wile E. Coyote,
Road Runner,
Tweety Pie,

I give it 10 out of 10 for each dvd a d that is 100/10 for all of them. They are brilliant and funny and we all love then. Thank you Warner Bros, I love them.

tots100 parent bloggers film club

Great fire of London

We are learning about the great fire of London at school and I wanted to do a picture of it at home.

Mum let me use the oil pastels and I drew one house on fire. Mum did a drawing too but hers is of the whole city burning.

I love oil pastels because they look amazing and you don't need to be perfect it anything. It's an effect more than colouring.

Monday, 21 May 2012

John Crane Tidlo Daisy Tabletop Kitchen

I am so lucky, really really lucky.
I was sent the Daisy Tabletop Kitchen by Tidlo at John Crane and it's amazing.
It's pink and blue, all made of wood and with gorgeous pictures and decorations on it.

It has 3 stirrers and spoons, a pot and a pan, salt and pepper shakers.
It has curtains at the windows and has three control knobs which click when they turn.

It's got everything to make a cooked breakfast for mum and then a pasta and bolognese lunch for the whole family and making scones with jam for a tea party for my teddys.

When I finish playing with it it gets even more clever because it all slides down into a rectangle shape to store in a box easily, that's really good for tidy up time.

If you'd like to see all the great toys at John Crane and get their competitions and special offers then you can join their Facebook page

or follow them on twitter

Sunday, 20 May 2012

I don't want to TAKE OFF my helmet!

It's spring, apparently, and that means the scooters and bikes are being dusted off from the garage. It also means the bike helmet arguments start again;
it's not comfortable,
it doesn't look good,
my friends don't wear them
etc etc

This year however things have been different thanks to the RASKULLZ helmet by OZBOZZ. The RASKULLZ collection of helmets from OZBOZZ are available now and retails at around £19.99 each. Stockists include Toys R Us and JD Williams. For more information visit their website here or visit Ozbozz on facebook and like their page to stay up to date with news, competitions and promotions!

There are lots of different RASKULLZ Helmets to choose from including a Shark, Mohican, Ladybug or Unicorn; we were sent the unicorn and Rachel loves it.

Here's what she likes about it.

I love my new helmet.

It's bigger than my old one and fits my bunches and plaits inside.

It is comfy with lots of padding and I can even put it on and off myself.

It looks cool and I think I go faster as a unicorn because I get the extra magic.

The horn is all rubber and so is the nose and eyes, they are great.

My friends want one now but I got mine for free, and I was first which is the best way to be.

I am nearly riding my bike all on my own and I hope this helps me get even better.

Thanks OZBOZZ.

Olympic and Paralympic Playdough #London2012

I was playing with play dough today and decided to make some Olympic events. These are my favourites:

the triple jump
the wheelchair 100m
and the Olympic rings


One photo
No words
Guess what it is

Friday, 18 May 2012

Bee Movie Review

I watched Bee Movie this weekend, I've watched it before but never reviewed it.

The film is about a bee who doesn't want to be an ordinary boring bee and so he goes looking for adventure.

He makes friends with a human and he saves honey for the bees and then saves the whole world of plants.

He's a bee hero.

I really like this film, it's funny and silly and tells you about how honey is made and how bees live and how flowers need bees. It's like a film with a lesson as well which is really clever.

I give it 9/10

Look at Sid

Look at Sid
He's looking at something
Something outside in the dark

Look at Sid
He's watching the road
Is it a hedgehog he can see?

Look at Sid
He's listening too
Can he hear something outside?

Look at Sid
He likes sitting and watching
It's his favourite thing to do in the dark

By Rachel (age 6 and 3/4)

Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Rachel reviews Redakai

Last week I got a new card game in the post.  It is called Redakai and it has all these cool moving pictures on the cards which are called holograms.  I know it is meant for boys but I like all sorts of games and I really like this.  Here I am playing it

I learnt how to play it in 5 minutes with Mum and we had lots of fun.  Dad was really brilliant at the game and made lots of cool sounds with all the weapons and monsters; he is very funny with them.  I won the game lots and lots of times and when I played grandad I beat him every time.  I played some of my friends who are boys and they loved it even more than Dad, they spent lots of time looking at the monsters and weapons and how they jump off the cards.

Mum says this is the basic set and that hopefully we might get the advanced set soon which means we can all play together, that would be good because it would be even more brilliant if we could play with more than 2 people.  I hope I can still win with the bigger set.  I bet I can.

I give the game:
9/10 for girls
11/10 for boys
20/10 for dads

Here is the officical information.

  • Redakai comes to life with amazing Blast3D™ Technology!

  • Redakai has innovative “Stack to Battle” gameplay. Stack attacks to damage your opponent, and stack monsters to power up your own defenses.

  • Redakai is highly visual and intuitive, easy for kids (and parents) to learn, but a lifetime to master.                                                          

  • There are two versions – Basic and Advanced game play. The Starter Set enables you to play the basic gameplay.

  • For Boys 6-12 yrs old

  • The set normally retails for £9.99.
    Spinmaster say "Start your training to become a Kairu warrior with the Redakai Starter Pack! Face off against any opponent with your arsenal of animated attacks.  Use the X-Reader to store your X-Drives, and then transform it into your battlefield for a one-on-one Kairu showdown!  Master the power of Kairu with the Redakai Starter Pack! Comes with 16 X-Drives plus 7 bonus X-Drives! And a two in one battlefield/ storage case."

    Monday, 7 May 2012

    Guess who Drew

    Granny, Mummy and Me drew a drawing together.

    We each took turns drawing part of the picture and the others copied. It was great fun, look at the results.

    Can you guess who drew which picture?