Sunday, 20 May 2012

I don't want to TAKE OFF my helmet!

It's spring, apparently, and that means the scooters and bikes are being dusted off from the garage. It also means the bike helmet arguments start again;
it's not comfortable,
it doesn't look good,
my friends don't wear them
etc etc

This year however things have been different thanks to the RASKULLZ helmet by OZBOZZ. The RASKULLZ collection of helmets from OZBOZZ are available now and retails at around £19.99 each. Stockists include Toys R Us and JD Williams. For more information visit their website here or visit Ozbozz on facebook and like their page to stay up to date with news, competitions and promotions!

There are lots of different RASKULLZ Helmets to choose from including a Shark, Mohican, Ladybug or Unicorn; we were sent the unicorn and Rachel loves it.

Here's what she likes about it.

I love my new helmet.

It's bigger than my old one and fits my bunches and plaits inside.

It is comfy with lots of padding and I can even put it on and off myself.

It looks cool and I think I go faster as a unicorn because I get the extra magic.

The horn is all rubber and so is the nose and eyes, they are great.

My friends want one now but I got mine for free, and I was first which is the best way to be.

I am nearly riding my bike all on my own and I hope this helps me get even better.

Thanks OZBOZZ.

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