Monday, 21 April 2014

Haven Littlesea Holiday Park Weymouth #review #haven #litlesea

We visited Haven Littlesea in the first week of the Easter Holidays 2014.
We expected the site to be busy and feel busy but were pleasantly surprised that it never felt crowded or uncomfortable. We could always speak to reception with no more than a few minutes wait, could find a table for a drink or meal in the Mash and Barrel and never had to wait to swim in the pool.

When we arrived the signs clearly took us to the check in desk where our only negative experience of the week took place. The lady who greeted us didn't exactly seem to understand what "greeting visitors" meant. She didn't look at us, rolled her eyes a few times and just passed us our keys. Luckily the greeter standing next to her realised that we had no idea where we were going and that we had been dumped and she guided us through the site and was extremely friendly and helpful.

Our caravan was more like a 5* villa than a static caravan. We suspect that the site might have realised we were going to review them and hence allocated us into this very swish caravan but we don't know this for sure. What we do know is that the van was privately owned, as were those around it, and they were all immaculately clean and well presented. 

Our caravan had a double bed in a room with more cupboards than our own bedroom at home and a flat screen tv. It had a walk in wardrobe in which the suitcase could fit easily to ensure we weren't tripping over it; and a compact and bijoux ensuite with shower

The second bedroom was a twin which was exactly as you'd expect and perfect for kids with the benefit of a wardrobe which we hadn't expected. The kitchen was fully stocked with microwave, oven, hob, fridge, freezer, toaster, kettle, pots, pans, cutlery, crockery, glasses and a wine rack. We even discovered an ironing board and iron which we had no intention of using but might be useful for some visitors. The lounge had two sofas and an arm chair, a flat screen tv, dvd player, sound system and a fabulous balcony with sea views. All in all we felt like kings and queens in a caravan with the only down side being that we were extremely nervous that we might drop something or spill something and cause damage.

The site had an inside swimming pool which was open and an outside one which wasn't open as yet. The pool was a good size and the perfect temperature and although often busy always felt safe. However I wouldn't have trusted my 8 year old alone in the pool since there were a lot of bigger teenagers and adults who weren't necessarily watching out for the bigger kids. I raised a slight concern with one of the lifeguards and to their credit they upped their vigilance and did stop some of the more rowdy games. My only point of improvement is that there should be a drinking water dispenser around the pool since the room is very hot; I felt quite unwell one day when I got out of the pool and could have done with some cool water to drink to help me feel better. 

There were a large range of pay for activities including archery, segway riding, pitch and put, football and water games/activities. We did the archery which was really good and we'd recommend; and the pitch and put which we felt was expensive but was in excellent condition (as you'd expect at the start of the season - I hope it is maintained well through to the season's end).

The food in the Mash and Barrel was good traditional pub grub at south of England prices. Although we have heard some complaints about the cost and quality of the food we were pleasantly surprised. We eat out a lot and were expecting much lower quality food and higher prices since all customers were choosing to eat there as an easier option than leaving site. We were impressed. We were also pleased that we were never rushed away from our table.

The arcade was even well set out with lots of room to mill around and lots of 2p machines for the kids to play with; that was very popular with Rachel and resulted in a lot of bouncy balls being won.

The only part of the facilities which we wouldn't recommend was the evening entertainment. The room is very dark and the speakers set very loud which doesn't make for a great place to sit and chat. However the Mash and Barrel is the place for that. We just have to accept that entertainment of that sort isn't our thing. 

All in all we had a fantastic week away and would highly recommend the Littlesea Holiday Park.

Fair review information.
We have never stayed at a holiday park in the UK before but have been commissioned to visit a selection of parks over the next few years to review here on our blog (Major Love of Film) and on trip advisor. We are not being paid for our reviews but are being given the accommodation for free. We have been asked to be as honest as possible to help other families select their holidays and to independently assess the holiday parks for their own improvement systems

Wednesday, 23 October 2013

A cat #kenning

Loud hissing
Sharp scratching
Soft purring
Noisy meowing
Fast lapping
Milk drinking
Paw licking
Ear washing
Mouse stalking
Human loving

By Rachel (age 8)

Raining cats and dogs #tanka

Raining cats and dogs
Carrying then in my arms
Raining cats and dogs
Getting too heavy for me
Oh no! Dropping cats and dogs

by Rachel (age 8)

Sunday, 2 June 2013

Comet in moominland by Tove Jansson

Reviewed by Rachel

What would you do if a Comet was coming to Earth?  This book tells you what the moomins did.

The moomins are white fluffy creatures who live in the forest. When all the animals start acting strange moomintroll recognised it as a warning sign.  The book tells us what it means and what they do about it.

My Favourite part is at the end but I can't tell you why, you will have to read it.

I think the book would be suitable for seven year old and up, even adults.
I would give it ten out of ten.

Thursday, 28 March 2013

Owl always love you

Look at my owl
Isn't he great
Out of a toilet roll tube
He's easy to make

Fold over the top
To make the two ears
Use pens for the eyes
It won't take you years

Mum wrote this poem and made the first owl, I made five baby owls to go with it and then we wrote a story about them .... watch this space.

Mobile of Hearts

This is another project we did this week because I'm off school because I'm ill.
I got the idea from one of my craft books and it was amazing fun.
It took me about an hour and a half to make it.

- paper
- glue
- paint
- glitter
- stickers
- pencil
- scissors
- string or wool or thread

  1. I folded a piece of paper in half
  2. Then I drew a quite large circle and cut it out - this means I had two large circles
  3. I took the circles together and folded them in half
  4. Then I cut a smaller semi circle from this larger one - to make a ring
  5. I took the smaller two circles (cut out from the large one) and cut a heart shape in it
    Now I had two large rings, two smaller rings with heart centres and two hearts
  6. I cut a piece of wool to the length I wanted my mobile and laid it on the table.
  7. I put one large circle under the wool and glued all over it
  8. I stuck the other large circle over the top  - to hold the wool in place
  9. I did the same with the heart centred circles and with the hearts.
  10. Once the glue was dry I painted the circles and hearts and decorated them.

When it was all finished I hung it up to dry and it's still there in our conservatory looking great.

This is so much fun, I hope you try it too.

Sand Art

I've been off sick most of this week with a tummy bug :(

But it's meant we've had loads of time at home to do art and craft :)

Mum had got a sand art kit and we did that yesterday.  It was super easy to use with a funnel for the bottles.  There were eight different colours and enough to fill all three bottles and some spare.

Here are our creations.
Mum went mad with all the colours but I like it anyway

I did this red, orange and yellow bottle which is like a sunset on one side

and like a flower on the other

and then I did this one which uses mums favourite colours and looks like a multi coloured beach

The only thing not in the kit was something to seal the corks in the tops but sellotape did the trick.