Saturday, 3 May 2014

Lasagne and Garlic Bread @Morrisons #MorrisonsMum

Today Mike and I made lasagne for ourselves, our friends and their three kids.  We made two dishes which worked out as twelve good sized portions of lasagne and cost a grand total of £4.66.  That was a mere 39p per person. 

1 pack of lasagne sheet            75p
1 jar of bolognese sauce           89p
1 jar of white sauce                    89p
200g of grated cheddar        £1.00
500g of minced beef             £1.00
Onion                                             10p
Total                                         £4.66

We also had:
Tear and share garlic bread  £1.00
Treacle Tart                              £1.00        
Tiramisu                                    £1.00
3litres of fruit juices                £2.00
Total                                           £5.00

The entire meal cost less than £10 for four adults and four children. That is phenomenal value especially when I tell you it tasted as good as any meal out for about a sixth of the price.

Well done Morrisons; you have surpassed yourself.


kateonthinice said...

Looks so tasty! Commenting for myself and on behalf of BritMums and thanking you for taking part

raouas mohammed said...

thank you so much