Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Life of Pi #God

What was your favourite part of the film?
I really liked the meercat section when they were on the island and when they were in the boat with the Tiger.  I didn't like the first part of the boat section, it was horrible in bits.

Do you think the Tiger was real?
I don't know; I don't think the Tiger was really there in the boat but perhaps there was no one in the boat at all and he imagined it all so he had company.

Do you think the film tells us anything about God?
I'm not sure. It says that it's nice to believe but that a lot of it is by us to help us understand.

Would you watch the film again?
Yes, definitely.

Do you think it's ok for kids?
Yes, it's not scary and it's not really sad when you watch it.  It probably needs a lot of thinking about though.

What score do you give it?


These are the questions I asked Rachel about the film.  Our conversation about God went into a lot of detail and I think she got it perfectly right when she said that religion is believing in something we can't understand.  We have stories which help us know a bit about God but in the end we just have to have faith and know only God knows everything about Him and life.

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