Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Fantastic Mr fox review by Rachel

Fantastic Mr fox is a fox with a wife and boy.  He is a good fox at first and gives up stealing chickens, then he becomes a bad fox and secretly steals them again, then he's a good fox again because he gets caught and then they live happily after.

It is a brilliant film which I would watch billions of times.  Daddy likes the bandit masks and wants mummy to knit him one.  Mummy has fallen asleep both times we watched it but she was very tired.

I don't think little children should watch this, but it's good for 5 year olds and up.


Emma's comments
Ok, so I've managed to fall asleep both times I've tried to watch fantastic mr fox, but both times I was ill and very tired.  What I saw I liked; a really different sort of animation and very funny - as you'd expect from fantastic my Roald Dahl.  I'd recommend it, but as Rachel said probably not for preschoolers.


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