Sunday, 13 February 2011

BAFTAs Part Five

OK, I'm getting tired. BUT......

the Best Animated Film will cheer me right up because I love animated movies, the whole family does, and Toy Story 3 is the bestest of the best. congrats to Pixar for an amazing film which made us laugh and cry.

Looking back at those who've departed this year
John Barry - composer - loving Goldfinger music, perfect!
Leslie Nielsen - love to hate his form of humour
Dennis Hopper - gorgeous all through his life, perfect too
Norman Wisdom - when I'm cleaning windows, playing my ukalalae
Corey Haim - loved him when I was a girl
Pete Postlethwaite - loving Brassed Off clip, amazing

Adapted Screenplay
The Social Network, well of course I love it, I'm a social network addict!

Best Director
And again, it's a roll for them, the social network.

Leading Actress
I don't like the roll she played, it makes me feel creepy, it's weird and strange and too dark. But then I guess she's not like that and that's why she's such a great actress. congratulations to Natalie Portman in Black Swan.

Leading Actor
He deserves it, again for being something he most definitely is not, the fantastic Colin Firth in the King's Speech.

Best Film
so which is it? Inception or The Kings Speech or The Social Network. I know which I want; I know which I think will get it; and the latter wins with many congratulations to The Kings Speech.

what a great night, demonstrating the wonder that is still the artistic style of movie making; here and around the world. hope you've enjoyed it with me, The End

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