Sunday, 13 February 2011

BAFTAs Part One

Tonight, Sunday 13th February 2011, is the BAFTA awards and I will be watching it live on the BBC. I would obviously rather have been at the Royal Opera House in person, but then my sofa is very comfy.

I will blog a round up of my thoughts tomorrow, but for now let me share my thoughts on the presentations we know about.

BAFTA will tonight pay tribute to esteemed actor Sir Christopher Lee, honouring him with the Academy Fellowship.
Mike has always loved hammer horror films, and there's no doubting his great service in those. But they're not my cup of tea, so for me Sir Christopher Lee's finest performance is as the evil Lord Saruman in Lord of the Rings. I also loved his Count Dooku in the Star Wars Films II and III, a highlight of those films for me.

But when I think of Christopher Lee it conjures up his voice, that booming voice which no one else can ever properly impersonate and for which he is infamous. I am not good at identifying voices, but Sir Lee is one I can spot.

The Harry Potter film series will receive the award for Outstanding British Contribution to Cinema
Wonderful, if slightly early considering the last installment is not yet released. I adore the Harry Potter films, almost as much as the books; they have changed through time and yet each has it's special place in my heart. One of the aspects of the films that I appreciate is the way they stay close to but not constrained by the books. And then there's the way the films have both new and famous actors working side by side; and neither outshines the other, it just works. Oh and the fact that the films are British - hurrah!!!

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