Thursday, 24 February 2011

If I was.... 

This is inspired by

If I was younger I would take more risks, try more new things, worry less about what other people think and follow my heart.

If I was older I would have more grey hairs but care less about them

If I was wiser I wouldn't have such a crazy busy life

If I was less giving of myself then I would missing my vocation 

If I was less educated perhaps I wouldn't question everything so much

If I was more energetic I might consider taking up running

If I was taller I would find it easier to change lightbulbs and reach those "special pots" in my high cupboards

If I was thinner I would be the same mum with a cheaper wardrobe

If I was not a mum I would still be travelling the world at every occasion, going to the cinema every week, having lie ins at weekends and wishing I had a family.

If I was a mum to two or more I would be s very different kind of mum, I can't tell if it'd better or worse, but definitely different 

If I was not a christian I would still be searching for meaning in life

If I was not stuck in a traffic jam right now then I wouldn't be able to type on my iPhone so easily, so there's a positive about traffic jams.

And here's Rachel's thoughts:

If I was older (she's 5) then I would gave to do more homework but I'd be allowed to watch more films

If I was taller I could go on more uses at chessington

If I was younger daddy wouldn't tell me not to suck my thumb

If I was a mum I would be just like mummy

If I was a vet then I would help lots of sick animals

If I was married I would still live with mummy and daddy 

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