Thursday, 24 February 2011

Five things I want Rachel to know about me

1. I was once a goth chick. I bought long weird skirts in Cambden Market in London, wore my purple or black DMs and loved being in a group that accepted me.

2. I didn't always believe in God. There was a long time when I couldn't put my faith in something I couldn't rationalise and understand completely.  Then God touched me, saved me, loved me and I turned back to Him.

3. Everyone finds motherhood hard sometimes.  It is exhausting, trying, with no manual or appraisal.  Sure it's fun and rewarding and the most fabulous thing I've ever done, but girl please don't think it will always be easy when it's your turn. 

4. Singing at the top of your voice is good for the soul. In the car, the lounge, the kitchen, the garden or at a club; singing till your voice hurts is pure wonderful abandon.  Do it often!

5. My love for you is endless no matter what you might think when I have to set boundaries in the future.  I will always love every sweet bit of you, as much as I did the first time I saw you on an ultrasound scan, the first time I held you and everyday since.

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JoJo said...

ah cute. just discovered you on Friday club. I'm your new follower! x

Hanzor said...

Loved your list.

I used to be a goth too and still wear my black DMs... xx

Oh, and if you like films, join my movie meme!

Hannah x

Brenda Davis said...

Be sure you attach a pic of your cute "goth self" :D I <3 your list and Rachel will appreciate it one day. xoxo Heather's Mama, Brenda Davis

Ella S said...

Lovely list, I'm nodding along to all of them, especially No 3 about motherhood being hard xx