Friday, 25 February 2011

Flash back Friday - 12 years

It's 12 years ago in April, surely I can't be old enough to have been married that long; but yes, I am, we are, we've been married 12 years.

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This photo takes me straight back there, to the nerves at all the people watching when I walked down the aisle, to the reassurance when I got to Mike, to the amazing commitment and the hysteria giggles in "all things bright and beautiful". I can feel the warmth of the sun as we left the church into the blossom shaded churchyard, remember the joy of seeing all my friends there and I can hear the music of our first dance. How amazing that the memories are as fresh as they were the day after the wedding.

I hope you also enjoy this sight of wedding memories.

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cafebebe said...

What a gorgeous photo! Thank you so much for sharing it with Flashback Friday! I hope it makes you happy for the rest of the day at least! ;)

Come back next week if you can!


Emma said...

I love it when photos take you right back to the moment.I love old pics, especially wedding ones, congratulations on almost 12 years!

Hanzor said...

Aww lovely :D x

Mummy Mishaps aka Jenny Paulin said...

Lovely wedding photo. It's great when a photo evokes so many memories and how you were feeling at the time it was taken :)

SAHMlovingit said...

Aw, how fabulous! What a great wedding pic. so full of happy memories x