Saturday, 5 February 2011

Save our libraries day of action - 5th February 2011.

I love reading and having books read to me, it's one of my favourite things.  I read rainbow fairies, they're my favourite books.  But I also really pike books on animals like polar bears, penguins, owls and dolphins.

We have a library at school but it's not very big and doesn't have as many books as the proper library.  I get books from both libraries.

There are comfy beanbags in the library and you can sit there as long as you like reading books and looking at books.

Sometimes we go to art things at the library, like a Roald Dahl day and a Vikings day when I made a shield.  Those are really fun as well.

Mum says they might close some libraries, I hope they don't close ours.  I like going to choose new books to read because there are so many and you don't have to pay.

By Rachel (5)

For an adults view please visit:

If we think we have no power to stop these closures then we will not try.  Please do what you can, together who knows what we can achieve.

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