Sunday, 13 February 2011

BAFTAs Part Two

The BAFTAs have finally started on the BBC and so here is my the second part of my blog post series on the evening's events. For those who have been following me through the evening you will have noticed that I've been getting a sneak peek of results, but I won't put any spoilers here before they go "live" on BBC.

I love seeing the red carpet; it's the luxury, the stars, the good old english rain, and the dresses. But tonight I have been mesmerised by the gents and especially by the lovely gentleman who is Colin Firth. He deserves to win, about time. Mind you, Emily Watson, she steals every red carpet show; and Helena Bonham Carter, well you can't not look at her beauty.

But that's enough of that.

To the show; and yes it's as much about the show as the awards for us.
Streetdance - what a spectacular, love it. Good to see the historic spectacle of the Royal Opera House showing such a modern dance troop.

The montage of 2010 movies - I would pay good money to download that, what do you think? will iTunes offer it? or will BAFTA make it available online?

Original Music
Paul McCartney - British Legend. When did his voice change? Is it that we rarely hear him speak, or has something changed?
So the original music BAFTA goes to .... The King's Speech. could this be the start of the run for this great film?

Special Effects
Can I just say, that purple dress with the booby swirls, not the best look.
Of course, it goes to Inception, how could it not?
I loved that film, just amazing and mostly due to the incredible special effects. well done those guys. "feel like I'm about the woken up and dunked in a cold bath and told to finish the film" - love it. clever and funny.

Best Supporting Actress
Loving James Macavoy, he was great in Shameless and has gone from strength to strength ever since.
So who wins? It should be, she can't loose it, she hasn't..... it's Helena Bonham Carter looking very different from her Tim Burton characters. Isn't it amazing how she looks just like her Tim Burton characters in real life, love her!! Loving the looks on the loosing actress faces. but as Helena says "it's not all about the winning!" Loving her "'s as good as it gets!"

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