Friday, 18 February 2011

Masterchef review

The new series of Masterchef started on the BBC this week. I love it, always have since it was hosted by Lloyd Grossman; and since I introduced Rachel to it last year, and especially since Juniour Masterchef, she has become a fan as well.

But this year it's changed a bit, well a lot really, following closer to the format of the Australian version. I have heard and read a lot of criticism about it, especially these audition episodes, for example:

too like x-factor
we want food not emotional turmoil
new kitchen is like a space ship

But I like it, in fact I really like seeing this stage before they get their aprons. I always wondered what happened beforehand, and although I'm betting it was nothing like we've seen this week, it's still nice to see. I am glad to see how important it is to the contestants; it's a massive competition with huge pressure and the chance to change your life.

Rachel thought it was a bit mean for those who didn't get through, but then she thinks that most weeks anyway. Mind you she can be ruthless if the food looks "silly" or if Greg (her favourite) doesn't like the taste.

So we are looking forward to the coming weeks; the highs and lows (of the souffles), the sweet and sour, the tears and laughter, the massive new kitchen!

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Night Owl Mama said...

sounds exciting. STopping by from momblognetwork to follow you hope you'll do the same