Sunday, 6 February 2011

Where the wild things are review

This film was hyped for at least a year before it's release in 2009, yet we still didn't manage to see it until this afternoon.  It was worth the wait.

This review is a different style.  This time it will be a series of snippets of our opinions, given as we watched the film.  A review live on twitter if you like.

R: please can we watch where the wild things are

E: Sunday afternoon fun - Where the Wild Things are

E: Poor Max, one disturbed boy.  Like his drawings at the start though especially the Warner Bros one

E: "woman feed me....I'll eat you up" - I like his monster style in where the wild things are.  I'd laugh if R said that to me!

E: No no no, not a real boat, he's meant to be in bed without any dinner and then dream

R: "this film but be written by a different person than the book coz it's muddled"

R: he's there now

R: good job his costume is White or you wouldn't seem him in the forest

R: the monsters are funny, cute and furry 

R: I think this is part of the dream in the book

R: the monsters have huge heads

E: Wow those monsters are repeating the messages Max clearly here's at home - really disturbing 

E: I knew all the secrets in the world - perfect childhood dream 

R: their heads probably could explode but it'd be very big

E: I want a sadness shield

R: he's lieing about being 20, or perhaps it's true in his dream

E: was that Whoopi Goldberg?

R: cool jumping!

E: No better joy than the sound of a child's laugh and R thinks monsters attacking trees is hysterical

R: monster lick looks worse than mummy lick

E: "we forgot how to have fun" - never do that

E: was that voice George clooney?

R: some of the wild things look like real animals - ducks, goats and bears

R: whoa, cool fort with pretty flowers

E: that is a fantastic looking fort, in fact it looks really real!

R: the wild things are getting angry, why?

R: they did the interrupting cow joke :)

E: that joke's fab.

R: why are they fighting?

R: what does he mean - you always step on my head?

R: Max doesn't have any special

R: it's snowing, they think Max made it happen

R: the goat is clever

E: Poor max - all the problems are blamed on him again. 

R: max is scared. But he really tried hard to make it nice for the wild things

R: it's so sad when Max leaves the wild things 

R: very good but sad at end but then happy.  Wild things are just like in book. Film is as good as the book. Need mummy 2 cuddle at end

R: too scary and sad, need to be 5 or more to watch I think.

E: I am blown away with how well the wild things emerged onto the screen, they were just as I imagined they'd be if they walked off the pages of the book.

So there it is, now over to you.....
what do you think of "where the wild things are"?

Do you like this different style of review?

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