Sunday, 13 February 2011

BAFTAs Part Three

Part Three here we are...

Outstanding Debut
I really think this should have gone to Gareth Edwards for Monsters because of the fact that he made all the special events on his own PC; or even better to Skeletons. But Four Lions looks great so I look forward to seeing it soon.

Outstanding British Film
I love this category for many reasons, but they start with the fact that Emily Watson is beautiful and has perhaps the most fabulous diction and tone ever.
And the winner is The King's Speech, not a huge surprise, but a happy occurrence none the less. How wonderful to hear why the writer wrote this screenplay, just shows why it's important to allow the unperfect to be seen on tv, heard on radio and seen on paper!

Best Supporting Actor
The Kings Speech do it again, good on Geoffrey Rush, shame he's in New York and not able to receive the award. Very well deserved. But sorry Wossy, what was that?

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