Sunday, 13 February 2011

BAFTAs Part Four

Part Four - can you tell yet that each break is for the trailers for the Best Film?

Best Original Screenplay
Loving the way the winner nearly got announced before the nominees were shown; I don't think she even realised what she'd done, not even when Wossy was on top of her. Too funny.
And the winner is The King's Speech, they're stealing the show.

Outstanding British Contribution to British Cinema
Stephen Fry is fantastic, even with his sticky out hairdo tonight. doesn't look like a style statement, guess it's due to the wind and rain tonight.
Of course, as I blogged here it is going to Harry Potter, well deserved!
Did you know those movies have made a "shed load" of money?? shock to me. I thought it was all magic. I have to say though, I still adore the "quite brilliantly narrated audio books" - they ARE my first experience of Harry Potter.

Here's a secret you might not know......I am going to be Licensed as a Lay Minister in the Church of England in November, and this will be in (well in the cathedral adjacent to) the Great Hall from Hogwarts!!!! too cool! I hope the candles float and the pictures watch us and there is magic in the air.

Here's another something else that Harry Potter has done for us; Mike was speaking to Rachel about his school friend who had ginger hair and muttered the word "carrot top"; you know she's never heard that. Well I am thrilled she hasn't, and I think we have a certain character Ron Weasley and his fabulous actor Ruper Grint for that.

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