Friday, 9 March 2012

Toy Story Shaker Maker Review

My Uncle Dhruba gave me the Toy Story Classic Shaker Maker and last weekend Dad and I made the first of the two statues, the little green alien.

First we added water to the mix in the measuring cup.  Then we swirled it around and that was tricky because I didn't want to spill it.  Then you put the top on with the mould in and shake and shake and shake.  Dad was a scardy cat and made me do this in the garden but I didn't spill any.

I didn't know we had to wait 90minutes but I had to and then I got to paint it which was the best bit.

I spent an hour painting the alien and I am really pleased with how it looked at the end.

And it is even better now it is dry.

This is the first plaster of paris kit which has worked, it is easy and not messy and loads of fun to do.  It is much better than the one we had which spins the plaster and didn't work.  I hope I get some more of these.

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