Monday, 7 November 2011

London 2012 fun

You can hardly move without seeing some more fabulous news from the London 2012 organisers; but today I've been struck by the artwork around the festival. 

There are a series of posters produced by artists especially for London 2012, such as the one by Rachel Whiteread which can be seen here.  These will no doubt be all over the buses, tubes and billboards of London and the rest of the UK, all good.  But I would rather have seen posters by real people, rather than artists, portraying their feelings about the Games.  After all the version that Rachel and I have produced with just 10 minutes on the computer is not far removed from those produced by the 'artists' themselves.

What art can you produce in line with the posters for the London 2012 Festival?

Oh and if you fancy creating your own mascot that's a lot of artistic fun; just go to the Mascot website and select the mascot, their colour and all aspects of their clothing; here's ours.

We'd love to see those you create

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