Monday, 20 February 2012

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

We watched this film today.  We like to watch films on sunday afternoons when Mummy is tired after church and she was very tired today because she worked very hard.  I didn't want to see it because the boys always say it is a boy film but mum and dad told me it was great.

It is great, especially the spiders.  Mum hates that bit and its funny that she hates it.  They are only models or something and not real, there are no spiders that big I know that.

Harry can speak like a snake and it sounds very weird but he isn't being nasty or anything.  I would like to speak like animals but not snakes. 

I like the film and the flying car and the school.  We saw the big hall when mum was licensed at the Cathedral because it is next to it, it looks just like the dining hall.  It might be a bit scary for little kids but I was ok with it.

9/10 for age 6 and older

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for linking up to the Mini Bookworms JK Rowling Month linky!

I must admit I've never watched any of the films, my daughter was never into them when she was younger, maybe I should just watch them myself!

Mum Reinvented (Mini Bookworms)