Friday, 20 July 2012

Ten days with daddy

Mummy went away for ten days to Zambia with church. I stayed at home with Daddy!

I still went to school and I had lots of playdates with my friends. When I was with daddy we played lots of games like frustration and top trumps.

I missed mummy sometimes and it was sort of OK. I was pleased mummy went to Zambia but I wanted her to come home.

Mummy went to Zambia to help the people and the children. She gave them some clothes and toys and she played with them and talked to them. Most of the people couldn't speak English so mummy used a translator.

Mummy made some friends out there in Zambia and she'd like to go back. I'd like to go with mummy next time. I checked and she's not going next year and that's good.

It was sort of good being with daddy but it's better when it's mummy and daddy.

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