Monday, 3 September 2012

Paralympic Park Pass

On Saturday we went to the Paralympics at the Olympic Park. We had day passes and so we could go and see lots of sports and go all over the park. It was amazing.

We saw goalball with team GB playing really really well; they can't see because they're blindfolded and they hear the ball. I can't see when I take my glasses off and I'd like to try goalball.

My friend Zoe's mum is in charge of the GB Goalball team and we saw her afterwards. She was talking to Seb Coe - she must be very important. She also carried the torch and I can't wait to see it when the Paralympics have finished and she goes home.

Did you know that the Paralympians and everyone in the teams can't see their family unless their family have tickets. I think that is really hard. Zoe must miss her mum, I wouldn't like that very much if I was playing sport at the Olympics or Paralympics.

We went to see the 7-a-side football between Iran and the Netherlands afterwards. Iran were really good but I didn't like watching it really; it's not so exciting as other sports.

We wanted to see basketball but it was full so we went to see the wheelchair tennis. I loved that, I think it was my favourite sport. We sat next to the court and it was amazing to see the men move their chairs around and hit the ball. Wow.

The park is very very big and very very busy which is a bit scary but I really loved the day. We found a hill and lots of kids were rolling down it; I liked that as well. And there was music around and face painters.

We are going again to the athletics next Saturday which will be great as well.

Mum took lots of photos; here they are.

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