Wednesday, 28 December 2011


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When we're at our flat we watch a lot of movies, we take all sorts that we never normally make time to watch at home. One of these is Burlesque. I wanted to watch it at the cinema but getting Mike to watch what appeared to be a musical and especially one that was being slated by the critics, wasn't going to happen. But he agreed to watch it on the small screen.

The plot is pretty obvious, the staging average but the casting wonderful and the singing and dancing a joy. I knew I'd like it, it's my sort of thing, but Mike liked it to. It's a really enjoyable film and does not deserve all the average reviews it's received.

Christina Aguilera is stunning and perfectly cast; Cher is just right for the role and the two main men, wonderful.

If you like to shake your tail feather and sing along to classic tunes then watch Burlesque; it's an uplifting way to spend an evening.

Emma 8/10
Mike 7/10


The syders said...

I watched this film yesterday and loved it! I thought the burlesque wasn't 'real' enough but it was still enjoyable and the music was fab!

Anonymous said...

I watch this movie every time it comes on. I loved Christina, and Cher, thought the plot was great, single girl with talent just trying to make a living doing something she loves, singing and dancing, and was able to help someone who gave her shot. Excellent movie. Just watched it last night. Get ya ass up show me how ya Burlesque!