Sunday, 25 December 2011

The Gruffalo's Child

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One of the highlights from last years' Christmas day was absolutely definitely the BBC production of The Gruffalo. We loved it! So it was with much excitement that we perched ourselves in front of the television this Christmas day afternoon.

We weren't disappointed, the BBC have done Julia Donaldson and her books proud again. Rachel sat open mouthed throughout, she says
"I loved it just like the book, it's lovely and the mouse isn't scary but tricks the Gruffalo and her child. Can I watch it again tomorrow? Tell everyone to watch it because it's brilliant. But it's too short."

It didn't have the same impact as The Gruffalo but that's mainly because it uses the same style and animation and therefore didn't achieve the wow factor.

However it will be top of our sky plus box for the next few months and no doubt watched with smiles and joy every time.

If you didn't catch it tonight do not fear, it's repeated tomorrow morning and will be released on DVD soon, just watch out for the big bad mouse.

Happy Christmas

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