Monday, 5 November 2012

Monster High DVD Review

I love being part of the tots100 film club, I get to see films and tell you what I like about them.  This Halloween we've been sent the new monster high DVD to review.

I'd never heard of monster high before but it's amazing.  It's a cartoon like a mix between high school musical and Halloween.  There are monsters who go to one school and normies who go to another.

In the film the monsters and especially the ghouls - girls - try to make friends with the normies who think the monsters are really scary.

I give it 9/10 because it's funny and cool.
Mum gives it 7/10 because it is not for kids but she likes the way everyone is together at the end and are friends even though they're all really different.

My favorite character is Frankie Stein, she has different coloured eyes and she is really cool.  Which character do you like from the film?

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