Sunday, 13 January 2013


Choosing my meal
I look up at the wall
And notice something
Very very tall

Looking down at us
She seemed to be
Looking right at
You and me

Did she want my pizza
Or my tasty garlic bread
I couldn't keep eating
I was watching her instead

By Rachel (age 7)

This picture by Kim Nelson reminded me of a picture in an Italian restaurant.  I wrote this poem about what it would be like sitting in the restaurant eating pizza.


Emma Major said...

my gorgeous girl, I know I'm biased because I'm your mum but you blow my mind with your ideas and talent. I'm so proud of you xxxx

Kim Nelson said...

Rachel, You paint another picture with your words. You have real talent. Keep it up!

Tatius T. Darksong said...

interesting take and imaginative she looks as if she really wants a bite of your pizza :)

Susan said...

I cannot eat while being watched either.

Susie Clevenger said...

Love your interpretation of the painting..indeed does she want your bread or pizza? :)

Helen said...

Young lady, you are quite the poet!!

Hannah said...

I'm with your Mum!! This is excellent and such a cool point of view!! :) Great job Rachel!!