Friday, 16 September 2011

Crayola Bug Rocks

Rachel was given the Bug Rocks project kit by Crayola for her birthday.  

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She was thrilled because we've given the kit to other people as presents but she's never had one herself.

I managed to convince her not to try it after Beavers last night, so she made a beeline for it straight after school today.  She was so excited to find out what was inside, there were:
- 4 rocks
- yellow, red, pink and black pens
- decoration stickers
- feet, wings, antennae and eyes
- a game board with dice

After an hour of designing, colouring, sticking and perfecting Rachel had created her own bug rock

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Rachel gives the kit 10/10.

And me; I'm thrilled that it's as good as I hoped when I gave it to other kids.  But mostly I'm loving the fact that this quite prescriptive craft kit inspired Rachel to create her own bug rock baby with a smaller rock she had and the pens in the kit.

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Great kit and fabulous inspiration.

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