Sunday, 18 September 2011

Save the children #healthworkers campaign

Every year 8 million children under the age of five die. They are dying of completely avoidable causes, such as diarrhoea and pneumonia. No parent should see their child die because they can’t get basic treatment.

On Tuesday the world leaders are meeting at the United Nations, and Save the Children are calling on David Cameron to set an example to the rest of the world. They’re asking him to put health workers at the heart of his government’s plans to save children’s lives in poor countries. 

Today I signed the Save the Children petition, and today I am asking you to do the same. There are currently just over 40,000 signatures on the petition. Save the Children would like 60,000 by the time of the summit. That’s two days away. Two days to get all those signatures. 

Can we do it? 
With the help of us all they can! 
Together we can make a difference.

If you believe that no child is born to die, please sign the petition, and keep the politicians working towards that goal.

To support this campaign the bloggers @helloitsgemma and @michelletwinmum are trying to get 100 bloggers linked up with a 100 word meme before Tuesday.

What you need to do:
1. Go sign the petition NOW!

2. Write your 100 words about a great health professional you have encountered in your life. Add a link to the petition and include some information from Save the Children about the #Healthworkers campaign at 

3. Link to a number of other bloggers and ask them to do the same.

4. Link your blog post up to @michelletwinmum blog by Tuesday at

4. Tell the world; by Tweet or facebook or good old word of mouth.

My 100 words:
A great health worker is my topic, the trouble is that I'm not sure which to pick.  It could be my midwife who cared for Rachel and I through her pregnancy.  Or the special care nurses who saw her through from the brink of exhaustion to strong enough to come home with us.  Or the health visitor who helped me deal with my miscarriage grief and post natal depression.  Or perhaps my GP who holds my complex health needs gently in the palm of her hand.  But really I want to celebrate the much derided NHS which provides free at the point of need health care for us all.  A fact we don't fully value and which most of the world only dream of.


geekmummy said...

What a beautiful 100 words Emma. Thank you so much for contributing :)

Love in the Nest said...

Excellent post. There really are so many to be thankful for and to aren't there x

Anonymous said...

Perfect, thank you so much for taking part.

Anonymous said...

we are so lucky, all those professional there every step of the way - thank you so much for sharing and taking part