Sunday, 25 September 2011

The photography bug

We gave Rachel our old camera for christmas, she was thrilled with it and used it a bit on and off but in reality the menus were all a bit much for her. But over the summer she really got interested; she started working out how to zoom and became fascinated in what things look like when you photograph them from different positions and distances.

It's been fantastic to watch and it's taught me a lot, together we've explored and learned and produced some photos I wouldn't expect - just wait for silent sunday coming up.

Here she is concentrating on getting a shot of her decorated bug art work

And taking a photo of me taking a photo of her

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geekmummy said...

Fantastic! The geekdaddy, as you know, is a very keen photographer, and he loves nothing more than seeing kids taking pictures. He will always go out of the way to let them take pictures with his camera, and talk to them about the pictures they're taking. You really see the world in a different way when you see it through a kids' camera I think :)