Monday, 25 June 2012


Mum went to a blogging award night on Friday and she came home with this great new game in a banana case for me. It is called Bananagrams and it's a bit like Dominoes and Scrabble.

We played it on Saturday and it is really fun. The rules are super easy and I got good really quickly. You just make words and see how many you can make and the quickest person wins.

Mum won first and then I won and then dad played and he won. We taught granny as well. Grandad didn't do very well, he doesn't like words much and I beat him.

Mum and I also played together and we used all the letters and made loads of words, that was fun too.

I like that you shout peel when you need another letter; it's like peeling a banana.

I like the case because it's small and soft and a fun shape and easy to carry around.

I want to teach my friends the game and I think school could have Bananagrams clubs and we should play it in phonics. I might take it to school for show and tell.

Mum says there are a pear game and apple game for younger kids but I don't have those, they sound good though as well.

Emma (mum) says:
BANANAGRAMS® (RRP £14.99) – named Toy Fair 2009’s “Game of the Year”, Bananagrams is a fast and fun anagram game that drives players bananas! Requiring no pencil, paper or board, Bananagrams comes in a small portable banana-shaped pouch and is perfect fun for kids from 7 – 107 years-old, at home or on the go. Created by a word game-obsessed family of three generations, Bananagrams is a labour of love that that has quickly become an international phenomenon. Bananagrams is available in a series of books and in Hebrew, Spanish, French, Norwegian and German as well as in a larger version – DOUBLE Bananagrams, the big banana for the larger bunch (for up to 16 players)! An outdoor version, Jumbo Bananagrams, will be available from summer 2012.

The Bananagrams’ family of games is available at a wide range of High Street toy and book stores or online at

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