Sunday, 10 June 2012

Our holiday in France

We went to France on holiday and had loads of fun. 
We went on a ferry in the fog and we couldn't see anything all the way to France, that was really silly.

When we got to France we drove to a place Mum wanted to see with a very old cathedral.  I wasn't sure about I wanted to see it but it was really really big and amazing.  It is 1000 years old, that's older than the history we are doing at school in the big dig.  Really old.  Look at these photos, isn't that amazing.

After we saw the cathedral and the chocolate cathedral in the shop next door we drove to Disney and stayed for a week.  We saw all the characters and I rode all the rides even the big ones with Dad and we saw the parades and we did everything. 

I loved the runaway train ride best and made Dad go on it loads and loads of times.  He took me on tower of terror and it was really scary but I think I liked it.  Mum loved meeting the characters with me and we both loved cuddling Pooh Bear.

There were four parades we saw and they were all brill.  One was a train for the 20 year celebration, it was all bright rainbow colours and it had all the main characters on it.  There was the main parade in Disneyland Park with all the princesses and toy story people and alice in wonderland and everything; I loved that one the best.  Mum and Dad liked the stars and cars in the studios park which had all the characters but in funny decorated cars; it was OK.  The best was a special show in the middle of the night at the castle; it was all lights and fireworks and a story and it was the best best best ever.

We went into Paris as well which Mum wanted to do and Dad didn't and I was OK with.  Mum was right to make us go, it was so cool and had the best thing of the holiday there - the eiffel tower.  Dad and me walked all the way to the second stage and it was very very high.  Mum had arranged for us to get an open top bus as well and she said she saw things she had never seen before, I liked that she liked that.  I liked the huge needle from egypt that is in a park, it is massive and all covered in the old writing.  We saw the cathedral called Notre Dame - it's just like Amiens one and Mum says it was designed the same.  I had a crepe at a cafe where we could see the Eiffel Tower, Mum and Dad kept kissing because they ate there when they came to Paris years and years ago, that was weird but nice.

After Paris and Disney we went to the beach and had lots of fun even when it was windy and crazy.  I made lots of Rs in the sand and I buried myself in the sand and I made sand castles in the sand and mum took photos of all of that.  She also took photos of the sea and sun like she always does at the beach.  We saw a fish market and the fishermen mending the nets, that was not something we expected and it was good.  After that Dad ate muscles and mum ate fish, but I didn't want that so I had sausages and chips.  We also went to a very old town on a hill with walls all round it, we walked round the walls and it was so so so windy that we thought we might fall off but we didn't.

The last day was really windy and we had a very rolling and shaking journey on the ferry.  I didn't mind too much when I was sitting down but Mum went to sleep to stop her feeling sick.  When she took me to the toilet we couldn't walk properly and we laughed lots and lots about that.

We had a brilliant holiday but I'm looking forward to seeing my friends at school tomorrow.


Holidays in France said...

Hi Emma,

It sounds like you had a fab time in France. I loved reading about your visit.

Best wishes, Alex.

Mumsy¸.¤ª“˜¨ said...

Sounds like you had an amazing visit to France, and enjoying your time there!