Monday, 25 June 2012

Fire of London Model

Yesterday mum and me had a girlie afternoon and I chose to do craft. We were going to make an animal but then I thought I could make the bakery from the great fire of London. Here's what I did.

Got a shoe box and 4 toilet rolls and lots of old newspaper and PVA glue and Sellotape.

Cut out doors and windows in the shoe box. Mum helped me do that.

Put glue all over the lid of the shoe box and stick bits of newspaper all over it. Then glue paper all over the rest of the shoe box. Then glue paper over the toilet rolls.

Mum said we should leave it to dry bit I didn't want to.

Put the lid upside down and Sellotape the toilet rolls in each corner. That's quite tricky so mum helped a bit.

I wanted to make it all on fire and so we got loads of red and yellow paint.

I painted red all over everything, lots and lots of red paint. Then I dabbed yellow for flames on top of the red. Dabbing looked like the top of the fire.

When the paint was still wet we put the top floor on the bottom and it stuck together by today.

I love my model and it was really fun to do. I think my teacher will like it too.

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