Thursday, 26 January 2012

100 word challenge week #18

This is the first week Rachel is doing the 100 word challenge
It's a five word challenge with the picture below and the words:

Silver   Tiny   Paris   Birthday   Jumped

One day a tiny boy, on his birthday went on holiday to France.  They went on a train to Disney and went on a spinning cup ride.  When the ride finished he jumped off and ran to the silver spaceship ride.

On day five of the holiday they took a train from Disney to Paris.  Then they went on an underground train to get to the Eiffel Tower.  The tiny boy said it was a tall shiny tower.  They took a lift to the top and looked up so they would not be scared.  Then they took the steps back down.

by Rachel age 6 in Year 2 at Loddon School.


Stephen said...

I liked your story. What a lovely time the boy had, Rachel!

Anonymous said...

I liked your story.

Anonymous said...

Hi, Rachel! Wow, you're a very talented writer for your age! Good job, I liked your story. :)