Monday, 2 January 2012

Rachel's 2012 Hopes

When we were driving back from the flat this evening Rachel was talking about going back to school and the year ahead and basically listing all she's looking forward to in 2012. Since I'm basically addicted to blogging I took the opportunity to note down most of what she said (no, I wasn't driving) and here it is.

1. Seeing and playing with friends

2. Reading lots more books

3. Going to see Mickey, Pooh Bear and Stitch

4. Cuddling Mummy when she get's back from Africa

5. Having another great birthday party

6. Going to the Olympics

7. Staying with Granny more times

8. Doing lots more swimming

It's a pretty lovely list isn't it, and I especially love number 4, she's being so brave about me being away even though she knows it'll be hard. I love my girl.

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