Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Year 2 of Major Love of Film

I can hardly believe it, it's been a year since we started this blog.  In some ways it seems like so much longer, and yet a year in Rachel's life is 1/6th and that's a long time for her.

You might have noticed that things have become a lot quieter recently, that's not because we've been watching less films or had less opinions but because I've become more busy in life, ministry and blogging at LLM Calling and because Rachel has been busy on her new laptop experiencing other things that world has to offer.

We've taken this time to think about what we want to do with Major Love of Film and we've decided that a few changes are on the horizon.  From now on .....

1. This is Rachel's blog
I will only be providing a safety input and steering it in the right direction.  This means that my film reviews are to be lost.  Much as I'm sad about that I also know it makes sense for my time and allows this to really be Rachels.

2. Rachel will be reviewing films, apps, games, books and days out
But she obviously won't be reviewing everything she comes across; just what she fancies reviewing.  Some will be vlogs - her current preferred medium, some traditional blogs which she'll speak for me to type and some others will be her own typing.

3. Rachel will be sharing some of her work
She creates the most amazing things at school, home, clubs and anywhere there's paper and pens.  She would like to showcase these and so this will come here.

4. Rachel is joining the 100 word challenge and 5 sentence challenge
She loves to write stories and when I told her about these she wanted to join in, so watch this space for those.

5. This blog is open to other KS1 and KS2 bloggers for guest posts
Rachel thinks that other kids must also blog and she'd like to meet you; so if you (if you're a kid) or your kids (if you're a parent) blog then please get in touch

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