Sunday, 15 January 2012

Rachel reviews Cover Orange app

I know we've come a little late to the party but we don't care, we're here now and loving every second of Cover Orange. I love it because it's basically a tutorial in physics introducing concepts such as gravity, forces, balance, equilibrium, cause and effect, rotation, geometry and acid rain. I also love it because the animation is great and it feels so much fresher than the now age weary Angry Birds.

But you've not come to read my review, you've come to hear what Rachel has to say, so let me hand my hands over to her control.

here is the picture from my iPod touch for Cover Orange

and here is what it looks like when I'm playing it

Mum likes this and says it's very clever, but I just think it's fun. The orange is really fun and pulls faces when it is worried and goes all burnt black if it gets hit by the black rain. It is really cool when it is saved by being covered, then it jumps about and smiles and claps.

I think the game is quite difficult but it's good fun trying it over and over and all sorts of different things happen when you put the things in different places. there are wheels and barrels and boxes and all sorts and some of them are heavy and fall on the orange's head - that isn't good.

I have got to level 4 already and then had to stop for my bath but I hope Mum will let me have a go again tomorrow. I don't think this is good for anyone who's not in school but anyone older than 5 will like it. I'm doing to show it to my grandad and I think he'll love it too.

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