Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Bear's Wild Weekend with Miranda Hart

I have been saving it on Sky+ since Boxing Day so I could watch it without any interruptions; I guess knew that I'd be as moved by the programme as I have been.

Bear Grylls is a massive hero of mine, not only for his unbelievable physical feats in places no person should ever find themselves; but also for his leadership of the Scout Association as the Chief Scout. Add to him lovely Miranda Hart who makes me laugh outloud, often I worry I might loose a tiny bit of wee; and we had a programme made in my personal heaven. Well it exceeded my expectations by factors of millions; what an amazing adventure and programme.

I am also scared of falling, of loosing control, of heights and especially drops. I also wish I could overcome these fears more than I do so that I could experience some amazing sights of the world. I am seriously impressed by seeing Miranda face her fears head on and tackle them; and even more adore Bear for his confident and gentle way with her. Perhaps with a Bear (or similar) around I could also do the same, now there's something to put on my list of things to do before I die.

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