Thursday, 23 August 2012

Brave Film Review

Brave is a film about a girl called Merida who lives in a castle near the woods in Scotland. She's a princess but not an ordinary one, she likes archery and riding her horse in the woods. Merida lives with her mum the Queen who always tells her what to do; and her dad the King who lost a leg to a bear and likes Merida being wild. She has three little devils for brothers who are really cheeky.

Merida believes in magic and so she follows the wisps to a witch in the forest. Merida asks for a spell to change her mum and change her fate. The spell was a bakewell tart which made her mum turn into a bear.

Merida says to her brothers that they can eat anything like and they eat the tart and turn into bears too; but nice bears.

Merida has to save her mum from her dad and all the clans who want to kill the bear. She protects her mum and she finds how to undo the spell and she saves everyone.

Merida is a hero and I like her. She's a really good princess and isn't silly and girlie but is pretty and lovely. I would like to be her friend.

We all loved the film and mum says its her favourite princess film and better than Tangled even. I give it 11/10 and I love Tangled about the same.

This film is good for everyone from very little to very old. It makes me want to go to Scotland.

Here are some good pictures from the film.

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freya said...

I'm Freya and I am nearly 6, I saw Brave too and I love your blog, BUT I think Tangled might be a little bit better! Hehe!