Friday, 17 August 2012

Olympics and Paralympics

I haven't posted about going to the Olympics have I?

We went to see Weightlifting at the ExCel venue. It was amazing.

We made a Go Team GB sign and when we held it up outside ExCel people took photos of us.

A man called Gareth Evans was lifting at the weightlifting session we saw. He lifted great in the clean and jerk and in the snatch he lifted more than he's ever lifted before and he got a new welsh record. We all shouted and stamped and clapped and it was so loud and great.

After seeing the weighlifting we went to The British Museum to see the Olympic medals display. We saw the stamps which make them and we saw the medals; look how close they were.

We had the best day ever.
Now we are excited because we are seeing lots and lots of events at the Paralympics. London is all getting ready for that now and I am super super excited.

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