Saturday, 11 August 2012

Tots100 Summer Party

I am so so so excited because this week we have Noah's Ark Summer Fun and Horrible Histories in London and then The tots100 summer party in Brighton with Zippo's Circus and lunch and the beach. I am going to learn some circus skills, I'm good with my Diablo already and I want to learn more with it. Or walk on a trapeze. Or be a clown. It's going to be amazing.

Next week it's my 7th birthday and then I'll have been blogging for a year so this is like my blogging party. Mum has met lots of bloggers with her blog LLM Calling but I haven't met any other bloggers. I hope I meet some kids who blog at the party because that would be really fun.

Mum is a bit nervous about meeting everyone and that's silly because she talks to everyone all the time. Dad is very nervous but he doesn't like to talk much and thinks everyone will be really chatty. I am just excited.

Mum is going to link this post to a linky at older single mum where blogs are showing photos. This is us, please say hi to me and mum and be nice to dad.
Me = Rachel
Mum = Emma
Dad = Mike


Older Single Mum said...

Hi Rachel. Thanks for linking up. Glad you're excited. See you there!

Jennifer said...

Look forward to seeing you!